Ecommerce Business Obstacles In Nepal (Latest Edition)

E-commerce Business has been in a trend for last 5 years in Nepal. With over 50 e-commerce websites in Nepal, One can imagine the growth in last few years.

However, there are some areas which have been major obstacles in the                                 e-commerce  business in Nepal.

Some of those includes:

Lack of Awareness

Although the mobile penetration of Nepal has increased above 55%, People are still unaware of major internet utilities. Most of the people are still limited to using social network websites like Facebook, snapchat, Instagram & all.


Payment Gateway

Payment gateway has been one of the major obstacles in E-commerce market in Nepal. It is, therefore, maximum of the e-commerce ventures in Nepal are still limited to Cash on Delivery(COD) system.


Lack of Street Address:

This is yet one of the major obstacles in E-commerce business when it comes to Nepali market. We do not have proper postal addressing system here in Nepal & that’s where the inefficiency in Home delivery takes place.


Internet Marketing

It can sound strange but maximum of the e-commerce ventures in Nepal still don’t focus right on Internet Marketing. Most of their investment is limited to Facebook advertising & Traditional offline marketing.

Although E-commerce business is not new to Nepali Market, local companies have not been able to disrupt the market due to lack of proper Audience research & digital marketing

With a proper application of On site SEO & backlinking, A business can be able to create a brand credibility & hence increase the traffic & revenue.



So, These were the top 4 E-commerce business obstacles in Nepal. Let me know your thoughts below in the comment box below. Any additional obstacles to the list, in context of Nepal, would be highly appreciated


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